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Fume Hood

    SEMCO Hoods incorporate a sleek exterior with a molded one-piece fiberglass liner. Hoods are basically designed for safety of the personnel working within the lab by maintaining negative pressure inside the hood compared to that within the lab. It will have double skinned construction to make it safer.

    Laboratory Hoods are offered in 4', 6' and 8' widths so their dimensions exactly match standard laboratory casework. Choose from hoods designed to be used with a remotely-located blower or hoods that include a built-in blower

    DESIGN - The design of the SEMCO Fume Hood provides you with maximum safety at minimum cost. Incorporating standard options, such as combination sashes and sash stops, allows you to maintain face velocities while exhausting less air. Hence, the SEMCO Fume Hood costs less to operate than other conventional units.